Premium Legal Services

We are an effective added value for our client's businesses.

"Full Service" Concept

We provide our clients with effective, efficient, wide-ranging and trustworthy advice, and this enables us to be business partners with those who seek our advice right from day one.

We are guided by audacious approaches, translating into concrete solutions that respect both the requirements of the law and promote an effective defense of our clients' interests. We are committed on our specialization . We gather the professional and academic experience necessary to continue to be essential partners in the lives and businesses of our customers and partners. Getting to know customers, we share their risks and support their decisions by issuing opinions and proposing strategic solutions that add value to them, was and will always be our biggest commitment.

Why TTA?

Knowledge, respect and focus on the customer

  • Response capacity and quality of service with a high level of professionalism;
  • In-depth knowledge of the Mozambique market and its culture;
  • Knowledge of the specifics of the Mozambique legal system and local practices;
  • Permanent focus on our clients' needs;
  • International vision and the ability to advise on innovative and complex global transactions;
  • Respect for ethical principles, thoroughness, efficiency and client service;
  • Complete respect for confidentiality towards our clients and their issues.
Why **TTA?** Why **TTA?**