TTA is organised into practice areas and its specialised professionals are available to meet the specific needs of its clients. While we have the resources to handle the widest variety of issues of local and international law our main areas of experience are foreign investment and the financial, energy and natural resources, infrastructure, real estate and construction sectors.

TTA provides legal advice on matters of design, structuring and execution of financial operations, assessing and advising clients on regulatory and foreign exchange matters and on the implementation and development of activities in the banking, financial and insurance sectors.

TTA has taken part in several operations in the banking, financial and insurance areas, having professionals with a wide range of knowledge on national law, as well as international standards and guidelines.

Within the scope of competition law, we advise our clients in matters related to possible cartels, abuses of dominant position and vertical restrictions, in merger control proceedings, in litigation proceedings or in the monitoring of proceedings not only before the competition regulatory authority, but in the several sectoral regulatory bodies.

With extensive experience in consumer law and assistance to clients operating in different areas of food production, labeling and distribution, TTA advises its clients throughout the production and supply chain, complying with all national and international standards.

TTA provides legal advice on several operations in the energy, oil & gas sectors, advising on the drafting of contracts and legal opinions on the legal framework applicable to these sectors. We also participate in the implementation of the main infrastructure projects in the energy sector, advising promoters, financiers, and public entities in the most diverse matters, taking into account TTA lawyers’ global vision on public law, financial, environmental, land and labor.

Considering Mozambique's enormous energy and mineral resources potential, with an impact on the most diverse levels, TTA has always positioned itself to assist national and international clients, strictly observing best international practices.

We assist private clients, where we seek to be close to our clients, advising and representing them in all processes related to family and succession matters, from pre-nuptial counseling, succession planning, drafting of wills and monitoring in judicial and extrajudicial divisions.

Legal advice on tax matters is essential for the success of companies, throughout their journey, from structuring, acquisition and restructuring operations to resolving tax disputes.

Our team works in all areas of tax law, including tax consultancy and tax litigation, supporting clients from all areas of activity and in all phases of their activities.

We are a team that accompanies customers, looking for solutions that maximize their activities, always in strict compliance with the law and best international practices.
In tax litigation, we act both in the administrative level before the tax authority and in legal proceedings of any nature, considering the specialty of the matters and the experience of our lawyers.

Some of the most important investments made in Mozambique, in the most varied areas, were monitored by TTA in the negotiation of investment projects, in the registration of the investment with the Bank of Mozambique, in the interaction with commercial banks in the context of importing capital, as well as in the incorporation and registration of companies to the project’s implementation, the so-called vehicle companies.

We also act in the hiring of foreign workers and in the monitoring of all the corresponding migratory aspects, from applications for entry visas (business and/or work visas), work permits with the competent authorities, renewal of visas and/or employment contracts.

With the aim of turning companies into employers of reference in the market, TTA’s team provides legal advisory services in the context of the constitution, development and termination of individual and collective labor relations, including the monitoring of disciplinary procedures, collective dismissal, labor restructuring, collective negotiations, matters related to safety, hygiene and health at work place, work accidents and occupational illnesses, social security and the drafting of internal regulations, collective bargaining agreements, codes of conduct, among others.

TTA also has relevant experience in labor litigation, not only judicial, but also extrajudicial, through mediation and arbitration.

We seek to have a deep knowledge of the companies that we assist, the sectors in which they operate and the challenges they face, both in the relationship with public and private entities, such as employees or trade unions bodies.

The media and advertising sector is subject to strict regulatory measures. Thus, assistance from trained professionals is essential. TTA therefore pursues to be on the side of those who need assistance in media and advertising, offering its experience.

TTA’s team has experience in the protection of intellectual property rights, trademarks, and patents, advising its clients not only in the registration of the resulting rights, but also in the protection and defense of the same before third parties through the presentation of challenges with the national institute of intellectual property and judicial and administrative courts.

With experience in highly complex national and international litigation, TTA is able to assist its national and foreign clients, outside or inside the country, for all categories of litigation, including international arbitration in any area of law.

We have a team of specialists who deal with a wide range of disputes, in mediation, arbitration and other means of dispute resolution, representing clients from all sectors of activity and with knowledge in various areas of law, such as banking, corporate, tax, competition, family and succession.

We act in a vast and complex multiplicity of civil, commercial, corporate, tax and commercial litigations, and construction and investment arbitration disputes, in the light of the arbitration rules of the main international arbitration centers, accompanying arbitrations with multilingual teams located in various geographies.

TTA provides legal advice in Commercial Law, dealing with any contractual acts and those inherent to the activity of commercial companies, accompanying their entire legal lifetime, from incorporation, amendment of statutes/articles, transformation, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), until its dissolution and liquidation.

With experience in some of the major operations, we support companies in mergers and acquisitions, judicial and extrajudicial corporate restructuring (recovery of commercial entrepreneurs), corporate governance, commercial and contract matters, assisting our clients, not only to carry out these operations, but also in preparing them, monitoring the negotiations, and carrying out due diligence from the simplest to the most complex.

Taking into account the importance of the State Business Sector, TTA seeks to provide assistance to large national public companies and foreign investors in the most diverse public-private partnerships, bringing its vast experience into each operation.

TTA has followed the most relevant reforms in this sector, not only as a consultant for public entities, but also for national or foreign private entities, participating in tenders, negotiations and advising on the most diverse matters.

We support public and private entities in all matters of public law, namely in public procurement, regulation, administrative and constitutional litigation, land, water, environment, and construction.

We participate in privatization and restructuring processes in various sectors such as water, construction, public-private partnerships, assisting private and public companies, governmental, municipal decision-makers or public institutes or companies.

TTA's experience and capacity has accompanied the development of the telecommunications and information technology sector, advising its clients on new communication techniques and systems, to prepare clients also to respond to the ever-increasing regulatory requirements, taking into account the fast development of IT.

We operate in software licensing, IT consulting, software sales, software development, domain names, e-commerce, cloud services, as well as experience in the regulatory sector.

TTA’s team provides legal advice on various real estate operations, in real estate developments for housing, tourism and industrial purposes and, in this context, advises its national and foreign clients on regulatory matters related to access to land for various purposes, construction of public and private works, as well as in the preparation of contracts and legal opinions on the applicable legal framework.

Mozambique has enormous potential in areas such as land, construction, real estate and tourism, which is why TTA has developed an enormous capacity to assist its clients in each of these areas with a highly specialized team. We represent our clients, investors and real estate developers, in the acquisition, commercialization, operation, management, development and rehabilitation of all types of real estate assets.

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